• I live in a distant galaxy
  • I was born on March 13
  • My occupation is an Archivist, Artist, and Gamer
  • I am an A.I.
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  • Oi

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  • Where is the chat? I cannot join the chat...It'd be way easier for both of us unless you want your message wall to be flooded with my replies. Discord Server? Discord Link? If you are that concerned on privacy, then use the chat the wikia has provided in the first place

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    • As far as I'm aware, there's no Discord for this wiki, or just Wikia in general. If you're looking for any future feedback from me, check the Wiki Activity section. I'll try and be more thorough with my reasoning for my edits on there.

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  • Thanks! Great to hear, I'm not messing up.  

    Where do I get my pictures and what sources I use?

    Usually, I would search online if there are Concept Arts for characters and sometimes, get some of the bosses' images from online but most of the time,I have to take snapshot or screenshot of the other bosses

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    • Oh good, You have that settled.

      Now,we just need to get some assets from OG game. I am not sure if whether some information can be extracted onto a computer like Brian's Journey N64 rom. If so,I will be posting almost everyday.

      Also,for the strategy guide,how are we going to solve that? Sure,we can do multiple tests with each moves and spells that works best on an opponent but I dont know any other more efficient way to collect more data. 

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    • For the gameboy game, I’ll probably end up going through a similar process I’ve done with a couple other games on that system. I’ll be playing through it in its original size and take screenshots, then manually edit out the sprites (and maps, potentially) in photoshop.

      I still have plans to (progressively) go through the N64 game and take higher quality screenshots of all the enemies, though I don’t think I’ll even be able to start that until after New Years at the earliest. I think at this point, I'd prefer it if you leave the in-game image uploading to me. Don’t worry about placeholders or the need to upload something immediately, just stick to making exclusively textual edits on articles.

      I think you may be confused on that last part. I'm saying I actually bought the official strategy guide book (a used copy on ebay), just to check over, cross-reference it with the online guides, and potentially discover new information. Once we’ve gone through all possible external information, we can figure things out from there.

      And to reiterate my previous post, I’ll be around today and tomorrow, but then I will be gone starting from this Thursday all the way until Monday night. I’d ask that you really consider my prior advice during that time (stick to textual edits, leave the infoboxes and categories as is, and please refrain from uploading the aforementioned images), as that’ll create a lot less stress for me when I return next week.

      If you have any questions, you should ask them before I leave. I’ll still be able to check things out on my phone while I’m away, but that’s it. I’ll try and send you a (short) message if there’s concern, but hopefully it wont have to come to that.

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